Hunter is now an editor in the Center for Professional Communication at GRIPS in Roppongi. Happily.

Hunter’s writing service

1. High quality editing, including translation rewriting and academic editing.
2. Composition mentoring with coded feedback for as-you-go learning.
3. Information mapping instruction and support (concept mapping, argument mapping)
4. Curriculum design and materials design for the teaching of technical and humanities writing.
Contact:email_addHunter’s KUT website
The support files for Hunter’s textbook, Thinking in English (Cengage) have moved. Please email Hunter for the link.
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Our gallery, Tirnanog*, will be opening in autumn 2015. Updates here and at the tirnanogtokyo website.

Great Japanese learning site: Nihongo-e-na!

*Tír na nÓg is the Celtic place ‘beyond’ – the home of the gods of pre-Christian Ireland. Those who live there are eternally young!