Research during a pandemic

Life has changed quickly since the outbreak of Covid-19 a few months ago. For graduate students, the change is a challenge.

Time for a think about  research design and structure? One of my clients is a fan of Trochim‘s Research Methods Database

Rachel Cayley, in her GREAT academic writing blog, Explorations of Style , posts a list of advice articles about research during the pandemic. Rachel says, “Here are ten pieces on working through this time that I’ve found helpful.”

Aisha S. Ahmad, Productivity and Happiness Under Sustained Disaster Conditions

Pat Thomson, Getting By and Getting On

Inger Mewburn, Should You Quit (Go Part Time or Pause) Your PhD During COVID-19?

Erin Wunker, Shifting Strategies

Christine Tulley, Resetting Your Research Agenda

Cally Guerin, The Year of Wonders: Doctoral Writing in the Time of COVID-19

Nadirah Farah Foley, Don’t Forget About Graduate Students

Chris Smith, Five Strategies for Writing in Turbulent Times

Fay Lin, What Not To Say to Grad Students During a Pandemic

Anuja Cabraal, When I Write, I Write for Myself