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About technical writing  is an excellent starting point for a search for instruction and practice. is a site offering an Internet bookmarking service. The great feature of delicious is its taggingsystem, which allows you to put ‘tags’ on each bookmark you save. For an example, to see the author’s tagged URLs for English for Academic Purposes (the teaching of academic writing) please have a look at the author’s delicious bookmarks with the tag <eap>, at
and then look at that set of bookmarks, narrowed further with a second tag, <AWL>, at

General advice

Gopen, G.D. and Swan, J.A. (1990) The Science of Scientific Writing.>

Hengl, T., Gould, M. (2012).
The unofficial guide for authors (or how to produce research articles worth citing)
Download from

Hengl, T. and Gould, M. Rules of thumb for writing research articles.

Landes, K. K. (1992) A scrutiny of the abstract.

Landes, K. K. (1966) A scrutiny of the abstract, II

Mahrer, K.D. (1993). Abstracting.