Lawrence (Lawrie) Hunter
Professor emeritus, Kochi University of Technology

Academic writing (mentoring, instruction, editing)
Technical academic writing (second language English instruction design)
Information structure mapping for articulate reading and writing
Concept mapping for argument clarification and structural planning
Executive editing and copy editing
Advertising catch copy design and production
Current research interests:
Mentoring systems for academic writing
Mapping systems for portraying information structure in text
Educational document design/information design
Hypertext (literary)
Information-knowledge continua
Graphic thought facility
Curriculum design for EFL critical thinking.
Curriculum design for EFL technical writing.
Curriculum design for EFL global citizen studies.
English for Science and Technology (EST),
specialized writing for second language readers of English (which I call Text Nouveau)The use of computers for teaching reading and writing (CALL)Last updated December 14, 2016