Translation work by Kyoko Hunter and Lawrence Hunter

Principles of Corporate Growth by Haruo Uehara (Sunflare)

Our recent work for Shogakkan Productions includes

Power Phrases: The Perfect Words to Say it Right and Get the Results You Want by Meryl Runion

ネイティブが教える書き方のすべて 英文レターコミュニケーション
How to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation
by Rosalie Maggio

カーシー博士のにんげんかんけい セルフヘルプ術—自分は自分・あなたはあなた 人間関係がうまくいく
Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types by David Keirsey, Marilyn Bates

Big Bucks! by Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles

Mrs. Hunter was the editor of Rivers and Japan, the 建設省 PR magazine, from 1990 to 2001. Lawrence joined the magazine as assistant editor in 1996.
We were the translators of the weekly website for the 3rd World Water Forum from 1999 to 2003.