Plagiarism workshops

Hunter gave 4 plagiarism workshops in June – July 2021. The workshops focused on writing skills that take the writer away from plagiarism and criminality.

WS-1: In this workshop students will be given an overview of academic plagiarism as it applies to GRIPS students and practice in distinguishing between proper and improper use of sources in academic writing.
WS-1 materials folder and video

WS-2: In this workshop students will learn about correct use of sources, writing best practices, and argument clarification. They will have practice in paraphrasing and summarizing to avoid unethical source use in academic writing.  
WS-2 materials folder and video

WS-3: In this workshop students will learn about sentence-sentence cohesion and coherence through well marked line of argument. They will learn the structure of the Manchester Academic Phrasebank, and explore its use in coherence work.
WS-3 materials folder and video

WS-4: In this workshop students will learn how to:
(a) use reverse outlining to find structural problems in their early draft writing; and
(b) create topic sentence paragraphs to confirm the goodness of the structure in their near-submission writing.
WS-4 materials folder and video