Mac stuff

Apimac Clean Text
Makes text borrowed from pdfs and other formats easy to clean up.
Also good for removing macros and formats.

Audacity (free)
Just great sound editing, plus you can do tricks like slow down a track for newbie listeners, and compensate for the lowered tone by raising the pitch.

Calibre (I guess you got that)
say no more

Cmap Tools
Oh my goodness, liberate your mind, and it’s free

Comic Life
I used to use this a lot, kids love stuff in comic format.

AABBY Fine Reader
OCR good enough. Does a good job of iPhone pics of text too.

Adobe Illustrator functionality for peanuts
A main tool for designing brochures and the like.

Graphic Converter
Poor person’s Photoshop. Used it for years. Great for batch changes.

iMovie yes yes
[iMovie 7 was the last version with editing functionality]

Keynote for mac and iphone – not using it now for some reason.

Kindle app for mac. A must.

OmniGraffle Pro
Fabulous for making any kind of map/diagram.
I used to make my presentation posters in OG, so great. If you need graphic design.

If you are writing a book, lots of research notes and bits and pieces, this is lovely. From the people who make Tinderbox, another world that once entered, offers no escape.

I used to call this indispensable. Now with CDROMs going the way of the willowisp, why, it’s only great for a few things, disc copying, disc creation… still often glad I have it.

Tor browser
For those trips to the dark side, or for anonymous browsing. You know I bet.

OSX / ios VPN software, one of many. Good. Cute. Cheap rate.

surely you know

Voice Record Pro (iphone and other)
Great recording capabilities, great upload to your online storage or SoundCloud

Wiretap Studio Pro (mac)
I have used this so much for grabbing sound from my mac. as their website says,
Using WireTap Studio, you can record all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware. If you can hear it, WireTap Studio can record it.