FAE guidelines

The operating principles of FAE (one version, judge for yourself)

Don’t give personal information.

Don’t use first person (I, we). Use the impersonal passive.

Don’t use casual vocabulary.

Don’t use casual phrasing.

Define your terms.

Don’t speculate except in the Conclusion section.

Don’t use first person (I, we). Use the impersonal passive voice.

Don’t use casual vocabulary, be specific, and define your terms.

Don’t use emotional or unscientific or undefined terms.

Don’t ask questions.

Don’t generalize unless your data supports it.

Don’t use overly short sentences.

Don’t use strings of short sentences.

Combine sentences to show logical connection.

Don’t use ambiguous or vague phrasing.

Nominalize for conciseness and to avoid ambiguity.

Use logical connectors to clarify the relationships between bits of information.

Avoid exaggeration or overclaiming (claim only what your data can support).