Rachel Cayley offers a great overview of so many ac-wri style issues. Start at her overview page.

Helen Sword! Her book, Stylish Academic Writing, is a game changer.
Try a sample of your writing in her tool, the Writer’s Diet.

STYLE GUIDES: There are three main style guides for academic writing.
Which one should you use? That depends on your university, your advisor, your target journal.

1. American Psychological Association (APA)
–  Latest edition of The APA Guide: 7th, though 6th is still commonly used as it’s not so different from 7th.
APA has announced free reading of its publications during the pandemic pandemonium.
The APA 6 blog is still treasure. It is now archived, at
The transition blog is at
The 7th edition blog has begun to roll at
Here’s a chart comparing APA 6 to APA 7 in the points where they differ.

2. Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS)
A major resource, and a huge tome in paper, with a great online version and support pages

3. Modern Language Association of America (MLA)
The MLA Handbook is used by a big segment of academia too.


The Economist style guide for seven pounds is indispensable for GRIPS students.
The Economist magazine also has a free style guide; although it is simple, it is solid.

The Asian Development Bank Institute has its own style guide and style notes:

Grammar Girl web site and podcasts (despite the name, a serious contemporary usage resource)
MIT’s ComDor Editorial Style Guide
Writing Technical Articles
Technical Writing
Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style online
The Coventry University Harvard Reference Style is here
Journalistic style:  the 4-box system

The Conscious Style Guide
A very different world of style: woke / gender / race / age … all those sensitive areas.