Roman dodecahedra turn out to be Druid.

Great sculptor and artist Kimio Tsuchiya 土屋公雄

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is the only publicly funded art gallery in Canada that focuses exclusively on Canadian and Indigenous art, both historical and contemporary.

Obelisque: Great painting repository and learning spot

Depression era New York vignettes by the great Damon Runyon

Shakespeare’s monologues online

If you only watch one video about Noh and traditional Japanese culture, let it be this.

Culture Wars 2.0  video

The O’Neill Vault
The O’Neill Vault in Creggan graveyard, South Armagh at DuckDuckGo
Newry Memoirs – Creggan And O’Neill Clan Put South Armagh On The Map
Your Place And Mine – Armagh – The Creggan Graveyard
Creggan, County Armagh – Wikipedia
O’Neill Vault | Newry Journal
The Poet’s Glen and Creggan Vale – The Wild Geese
Creggan – Ring of Gullion
Creggan Parish Church &Graveyard

Brooklyn Rail on Spotify

BC First People artists
Sonny Assu
Shawn Hunt
Jody Wilson
Bill Helin
Rod Fraser

Silva Rhetoricae: a guide to classical rhetoric

Library of Babel – you tell me what this is!

How the Japanese cabinet wants us to write about Japanese culture
For fun, download their guide

Turgenev stories online (U. Adelaide)

Dublin Apocalypse treasure online

Stair na hÉireann: Irish history and culture

Susan Christie Curator/Producer

British Library beautiful ancient books

Ukiyo-e print database (fabulous)

Conversations with History (Berkeley interview vids)

Spoon River Anthology, Edgar Lee Masters

Romanian writing in translation at Asymptote

Kafka short stories online

Les Murray poems

Library of America short story archives: fantastic collection

Paul Hetherington poems

Theoi Greek classic resources

Alexiad online

Ten art related movies

John Berger: soft resistance

Partisan Review

The Egoist


Clement Greenberg

Kapoor/Bhabha Making emptiness

Rosalind Krauss

Plataformas de streaming de cine de arte (¡algunas son gratuitas!)