Azeem Azhar is a British AI guy, highly regarded. Exponential View

Complexity: can’t get away from it in this century.
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Working with polarization
Rebel Wisdom youtube series on polarization in society
Collective Psychology project
Healing Trauma and Spiritual Growth (youtube)
Peter Levine on chronic pain

MIT of course for breaking thoughts: MIT Technology Review

Axios is a major news clearer. I follow their China stuff, which is so relevant for every person on the globe.
The tech section is sometimes good. Technology – Axios
The Codebook section is all about security, very good and worth subscribing to the Codebook newsletter. Forewarned is forearmed! (=praemonitus praemunitus in Latin. Google that!) Codebook – Axios

Anil Dash is the CEO of Glitch and a crusader for humane technology – a voice we’re lucky to have.

And complexity, big data, that world cannot be ignored even if you aren’t doing it directly. Read at least this much every week. Complexity Digest

I can’t think how to categorize John Thackara, but he is all tentacles for world futures. I read his book In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World some years ago, when it came out, and was stricken by it. His latest, How to Thrive in the Next Economy,  is already four years old, so maybe just watching him would be good. Genuine realistic futurist.

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