Hunter’s CPC services

Hunter’s powerpoint on CPC services for GRIPS doctoral students.


Here’s a list of the services Hunter offers to doctoral students.

1. Personalized editing of parts of each section as a method of teaching you FAE (formal academic English) and setting the writing style for each section.
Remember, the style is different in each section.
Remember, this method of working takes time, so start soon (=yesterday).

2. Support for improving the readability of your documents.
You want your committee and reviewers to feel comfortable reading your reports of your hard research effort.

3. Assessment of the writing in published papers that you think might be good writing models for you.
Give Hunter a pdf and he’ll give you a detailed assessment of the paper’s English strengths and weaknesses.
Remember: Native speakers are not necessarily good writers of FAE.
Remember: papers written by multiple authors may be written in various styles with variable quality.

4. Support for tightening the various arguments in your papers and dissertation. This includes concept mapping (with PPT or Cmap Tools) for those of you who are visual thinkers (or might find out that you are visual thinkers).

5. Presentation coaching
The presentation aspect of your dissertation defense is crucial for selling
your research design and results to your committee.
Hunter offers help with:
1. Powerpoint design
2. Speaking script creation
3. Your personal speaking issues: intonation, pausing, blending,
and of course pronunciation/enunciation.
4. Hunter can also record some sample speech for you.

6. Mapping for complexity management
Information mapping instruction and support (concept mapping, argument mapping, mind mapping)
Start informing yourself about mapping at
and in the pull-down menu “Mapping” on any Hunter web page.
Hunter would love to do mapping work with you when you encounter information complexity.
Or any time!

Important resource: Hunter’s website,
In the menu bar across the top of the page, the tab, “Academic English” will lead you to answers to many questions you may not have asked yourself yet.

Please remember  FAE style and readability work and argument clarification TAKE TIME.
Don’t hesitate to open a discussion with Hunter; start early to make the process thorough and useful—and comfortable.

Write to Hunter at and we’ll begin your process.
Please don’t wait until your paper is finished – if we start working on your writing as the paper develops, it makes for less writing work at the end – and it also feeds back into your thinking about your research.

We can operate mostly by email—and when talk works better than text, we can meet face to face, or use skype or facetime or whatever other remote tool you like.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Lawrie Hunter
CPC editor