Hunter’s CPC services

Hunter’s powerpoint on CPC services for GRIPS doctoral students.

1. Editing
Hunter can edit parts of each section of your paper
so as to develop the writing style for each section.
This takes some time, but your learning will be considerable.

2. Mentoring
Hunter can comment extensively on the  conformity problems and readability problems in your paper. This is time-consuming too, but you will soon start to shine.
In this kind of mentoring, we can use coded feedback for greater learning.

3. Presentation coaching
The presentation aspect of your dissertation defense is crucial for selling
your research design and results to your committee.

The latest you can start this work is one month before your defense, but the stress level is high by then. It’s better to start this work in the first or second year of your doctoral studies.
Hunter offers help with:
1. Powerpoint design
2. Speaking script creation
3. Speaking issues: intonation, pausing, blending. Hunter can also record some sample speech for you.

4. Mapping for complexity management
Information mapping instruction and support (concept mapping, argument mapping, mind mapping)
Start informing yourself about mapping at
and in the pull-down menu “Mapping” on any Hunter web page.
Hunter would love to do mapping work with you when you encounter information complexity.
Or any time!

Meet Hunter (F2F or in Zoom) for an initial assessment and strategy discussion.