Academic Writing

A great AC-WRI blog:
Rachel Cayley’s Explorations of Style

These posts are really focused, and each one gives writers and editors a new perspective on some aspect of writing.
Hunter’s personal favorites:
Using reverse outlines to see the actual structure of what you’ve written.
Marking up your text to see the structures in it
When and how to write your introduction
Lots of other kind and useful advice via

Hunter’s editorial services at CPC GRIPS

Pat Thomson’s bits of advice

Planning a journal article
planner’s approach to first draft
looping – free writing for generating ideas
titles for paper, thesis and book
tiny texts
conclusion pre-draft
Reverse Outlines
Thomson acwri topics
ACWRI book

The Future of Academic Style: Why Citations Still Matter in the Age of Google
References, Please | by Tim Parks

Boynton edits Trump speech—great insights into editing and accuracy