Concordance and collocation

Concordance: analyzing a body of sample language (a corpus) to determine common usage
Often people do concordance to find out the common collocation of a word with other words, or the frequency of collocation of two or more words. The tools below are a starting point for your explorations of concordance.

Here’s an example of an informal concordance exploration of the context of usage of a word.

1. Fantastic! Three great concordance samplers which can access the biggest and most famous corpuses (including the British National Corpus) are:
British Academic Written English concordancer;
British Academic Written English Corpus

2. Make your own concordance! Laurence Antony at Waseda  University made Antconc, a free software for making your own concordance.

3. Google can be a simple concordancer too:

SPEAking of googling, if you google stuff, this demo by a google engineer is not to be missed: