Hunter’s CPC services website

CPC news during the GRIPS network crisis

During GRIPS’ internet system outage scenario,
GRIPS people needing Hunter’s services should check here for updates.

Hunter is still working for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
and almost always on those days he is in CPC, room C507.
He can meet you F2F (M2M*) or in Zoom or other worlds, gladly.
*mask to mask

RESOURCES: Please explore the pull-down menus on this home page for lots of content about academic writing.

Appointments and inquiries:

Hunter briefly
Professor emeritus of Kochi University of Technology
= 高知工科大学名誉教授,
Hunter is now based in Tokyo.
Freelance editor and half of a Japanese-English-Japanese super-translation team.
Editor and PhD writing mentor at CPC in GRIPS in Roppongi.
Chief hanger at Tir na nog Gallery.

Current research foci:
– concept mapping for planning/summarizing writing;
and discovering the structure of your own thoughts.
– strategies for readability in academic writing
– communication moves analysis for content placement decisions

Powerpoints on SlideShare (view and download)

G-cube orientation: writing tips

G-cube orientation: CPC writing services

Private/personal contact:

Hunter is on campus at GRIPS Tuesdays and Thursdays.
For an appointment for consultation, or to request email consultation/editing,
write to Hunter at

For extensive info about Hunter’s services and for academic writing resources,
explore the pull-down menus at the top of this and every page of this website.

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